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the concept

La Tanière is a crazy project in aid of the animal cause.

Follow the genesis of an animal park in the heart of Beauce (Eure-et-Loir), which is planning to open in Spring 2020 and should change the look of the zoological world.

Join in in this exceptional adventure where animals guide humans to pursue the best.

La Tanière is more than a zoo, it’s a refuge.

Patrick Violas created an endowment fund called Rock & Heart, Rock in reference to the rock on which the animals land and heart as the heart.
Its objective is to collect donations in order to continue to equip the park, with the assurance that all donations will be devoted to animal welfare. These donations will facilitate the construction of additional enclosures, finance rescues, complete operating rooms, etc.
This fund is for everyone, individuals and businesses, with tax advantages applying. The fund will also lead and finance any social and educational action related to the protection of wildlife and rural.
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